About unintelligible Christian dogmas / Περί ακατανόητων Χριστιανικών δογμάτων

Some of the traditional dogmas of the Christian religion seem to me essentially unintelligible—the doctrine of the Trinity and the divinity of Christ, for example. These doctrines are phrased in words that I simply do not understand and to which I am unable to assign a reasonable and useful meaning. And the nonacceptance of these formal doctrines does not seem to me to weaken or disturb the essential truth and beauty of the Christian religion.

Leo Rosten, Religions of America.


This statement by Leo Rosten, reminds me of the words by Wilbur Smith which can be found in my older post entitled: About hard to understand “philosophical” language. In my opinion, the fact that such doctrines (especially the Trinity) were formed under the heavy influence of heathen philosophy is, partially, the reason that they are so unintelligible.


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