The trustworthiness of Genesis in comparison with other creation stories / Αξιοπιστία Γένεσης συγκρινόμενη με άλλες ιστορίες δημιουργίας

“Genesis is the only book of antiquity which is ever considered when discussing the scientific accuracy of ancient literature on the creation of the world. When Darwin’s Origin of Species appeared in 1859, Huxley immediately called it Anti-Genesis. Why did he think that it was the book of Genesis which Darwin’s theory of natural selection confuted? Why did he not say anti-Hesiod, or anti-Timaeus, or anti-Metamorphosis in reference to Ovid’s account of the creation? In the very fact that Huxley spoke of Darwin’s work as anti-Genesis he confessed that the book of all ancient literature that contained an account of the creation of the world worthy of being discussed in our modern scientific age as of any scientific value at all was the book of Genesis. A vast number of books and hundreds of articles, during the past one hundred years have been written, maintaining or denying the scientific accuracy of the first chapter of the book of Genesis, but where are you going to find any books and articles even discussing the scientific accuracy of other ancient accounts of the creation of the world? Whenever you hear anyone speaking disrespectfully of the book of Genesis, in its relation to modern science, remember that this first book of our Bible is the only piece of literature of all the ancient nations which anyone even thinks worthy of discussing, even if condemning in the same breath, with the phrase ‘modern science’. It is of great significance that for two thousand years, men have felt it necessary to consider this ancient Hebrew record when discussing the subject of creation. The Babylonian, the Greek, and the Roman accounts of the same beginning of our universe are, for the most part, counted mythological, and utterly incapable of being reconciled with the conclusions of modern science.’’

Wilbur Smith, Therefore Stand, σελ. 328, 329. (W. A. Wilde Company, Boston, 1945).