A note about Karl Marx

While I was reading something, I stumbled upon the following statement by Karl Marx:

I will wander godlike and victorious through the ruins of the world. And giving my words an active force, I will feel equal to the Creator [1], [2] (emphasis mine).

This statement was quite a surprise to me, given Karl Marx’s beliefs.  We all know that he opposed God, theology and religion. His other statement that religion is the “opium of the people” is very well known too. Since we hardly compare ourselves with something we detest and oppose and believe that it is a big lie and illusion, comparing himself to God and to the creator came as a surprise to me.

In my opinion, this reveals part of the inconsistency and confusion that troubled many of these well renowned men. Just like Friedrich Nietzsche who wrote a poem entitled To the unknown God which reads:

I want to know you, unknown one,
You who have reached deep within my soul,
Wandering through my life like a storm,
You incomprehensible one, akin to me!
I want to know you, even serve you.

There is a saying that reads thus: “The killer always returns to the crime scene”.

It seems that men like Marx and Nietzsche never even left…


[1] Cited be Charles S. MacKenzie, Marxism: A communist society, in Building a Christian world view, vol. 2, p. 319.

[2] Some translate the same statement thus: “Like unto a God I dare / through that ruined realm in triumph roam. / Every word is Deed and Fire, / and my bosom like the Maker’s own.”